Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hospital Robot Malfunction!

A little homage to Chris Cunningham's genius Bjork video "All is full of love", but theres certainly no love in this version! I've really been seduced by the ease that Keyshot can help turn my SketchUp models into possessing near photo-real materials.... I found a good HDRI of an auditorium that had some sickish green lighting and a utilitarian feel to the door, I do wish more HDRIs were like this, inside labs or factories.... This time I decided to add the decals in PS as they were quite simple, though next time I'm applying them in KS as would probably have generated more scenes if I had. All the details, dressing, blood, smoke and sparks were painted in PS. Looking back at this I remember trying to find the best camera angles, something that would both show the drama and all my "hard" modelling work, I really didn't want to clip anything out, and yet my favourite images are the close ups, the narrative of the scene becomes far more impressive and powerful then seeing my own ability to model in 3D... Reminds me of what my old art teacher used to drum into us, "don't be afraid of your work", basically don't be afraid to loose/alter or change something on the page, its very easy to become "precious". I'm still learning, but I think the way I went after this managed to satisfy all the aspects I was after. I'm looking forward to doing more, hope you enjoy them too!

Grizzly close-up

An early test render

Original SketchUp model

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