Wednesday, 4 March 2015

3D model complete!! Now reaching for the colouring-in pencils....

Not enough hours in the day.... You really have to eat into your sleep time to get a suitable amount of work done to be anyway near productive. Last night I closed the lid on my laptop at 2am, a time that I consider late-ish, but not unusual for me. I tend to hang up the Wacom pen around 1am but the finish line was in sight and I wanted to wrap this stage up, so after many late nights and brief lunch time stints I'm happy to say that recording the modelling stage of the design is finally compete! I think I clocked up over 15 hours of recorded modelling, it'll have to be edited down somewhat and played two, perhaps three times actual speed with my voice over explaining what I'm doing. I feel this then necessitates a brief 20 minute real time modelling technique intro, where I cover the basic of the techniques I use, explaining arrays, components, plugins that I use and how to intersect two forms to create cool and interesting shapes. Now the real fun starts, rendering this out and matting it into a plate and painting into a cinematic frame that breathes life into it - and to do this means more late nights.... good thing I love designing and painting!

Stay tuned!

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