Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New Tutorial on the way!

Been such a long time since I've posted anything here, had lots of work commitments that had eaten into my person work time... But I've manged to get the next SketchUp tutorial done! It's was great doing it and thanks for the comments, I hope I've covered some questions in this one. I also wanted to focus on building an interesting and well proportioned design in SU, in the time of the "one click photo real render" there's no shortage of uber real renders out there some great, lots not. I wanted this to be a lesson in not being seduced by a glossy render, there's no material indication here, this is pure form, also one of the reasons why I love clay renders so much... I'm putting the finishing touches to it and it should be ready for download on Gumroad in the next day or two, in the mean time here's a little teaser...

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