Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Staying late after work...

Just aren't enough hours in the day! I'm cramming them in to try and get this tutorial vid done, I thought it would be a very direct modelling approach but its been interesting as I despite having a design to work to I'm still resolving design issues on the fly, there's trial and error, software crashes and mistakes all recored, I will leave them in as I think its important to see these issues, its about resolving them when you come to them... I do have to pause the recording quite a bit, just like painters do, I have have to just step back and look at it for a while, turn it around, walk away make a coffee and come back, see it with "fresh eyes" hit pause and resume the modelling... Audio is going to have to be recorded after, I just can't talk and create, hats off to those who can! I just enjoy finding "The Zone" and losing myself in it....

Here's a little screen grab from last night


  1. It's a bummer that you got dragged down by a faulty software that way, considering the level of accomplishment and craftiness you show us. Software breakdowns shouldn't be a thing, and certainly should not be a hindrance or a border to expression, such as what happened to you. I hope that everything gets worked out soon. Thanks for sharing that, Chris! More power to you!

    Matt Wynan @ IDTUS

    1. Thanks Matt, yes it's quite frustrating, sketch up is great but the plugins can be quiet buggy so I'm constantly hitting the save function before I intersect or us the round corner plugin a shame that Sketchup Didn't think to hard wire that tool into the program, bevelling and radiuses on shapes are a basic function in pretty much all modelling software! Still, I will keep them in though the video will be sped up so you probably won't notice them much apart from my comment in post.... I didn't want to do audio after but I just can't talk and draw.... :)