Thursday, 19 February 2015

Winter Camo - Digi, digi and more digi camo.....

So this tutorial is still in the works, have to film the last stages of overall detailing as we're pretty much there from a modelling point of view, but at lunchtime today I had to allow myself the pleasure  (and it is a pleasure) of jumping into Keyshot to see where I want to take this... I had already thought about setting it in some baron, snow covered wilderness, a lonely posting for a Remote Weapon System drone. I checked out some cool winter digi-camo patterns and wrapped them onto the model and inserted a photo backplate, painted out the Jeep that was there and was struck with something that in hindsight is actually very obvious, the camo made the model hard to see against the background!! I managed a bit of a work around by adding gusts of snow to knock back the trees, this gives some visual separation and you can make out the form more...

These are not the final images of the demo but a work in progress teaser and just helping me decide where I'm taking this.

Hope you like them, more coming soon!

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