Thursday, 2 October 2014

Its coming....!

Little test render to see how the modelling is looking, took a photo of my screen and I'm loving the digitised noise thats appearing! Will see if I can play that up in the final renders!


  1. Thoroughly enjoy your work Chris, always stopping by to catch your latest mech project. It's amazing what you're doing with Sketchup. Extremely inspirational.

    Saw mention of a possible Gumroad tutorial on your Facebook page, which I'd buy it in a heartbeat if you decided to make one. I'd be happy with you using any one of the projects you've already done, like the Shark Bait submersible, one of my favourites.

    You could make it a two part series, starting with a brief intro to the project using the finished 2d concept, then focus the tutorial on some real-time modelling in Sketchup for part one. Whether you simple cut the video down or break in up into shorter videos showing the entire process is up to you. I think both approaches work. Part two can then focus on the rendering and post process work, in real-time preferably. Just a suggestion.

    Thanks for sharing your work.

    1. Hi Leonard! Thanks for the comment and kind words, I see you have a thing for mech too, cool blog! :) Good to hear your thoughts about the vid, its encouraging and I hope to find the time soon to do it! I think you are right, a two part demo, 2D into 3D, breaking down some techniques I use allot.

      Thanks again for the encouragement!