Thursday, 30 October 2014

Surgical Robot Photoshop layer breakdown

This visual was one of my more earlier ones, the render with HDRI itself actually came out really nicely, I didn't have to insert a photo backplate, just clean up some things on the HDRI. Looking back at this, I still like the idea of having a painted smiley face on a robot, that attempt to make a big machine look less imposing and more friendly, like the hand painted murals on children's wards in Hospitals, just something about them I find insanely terrifying.... In this case I found it too distracting and I wanted the "face" to be the cool lens array, there was just too many things going especially with the blood and sparks so I left it out - but seeing this I feel an urge to use it elsewhere.... hmmmm....

Anyway, hope you like this and find it useful. 

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