Friday, 3 October 2014

More detail and material refinement

I'm a big fan of the Bjork video "All is full of love" by Chris Cunnigham, I love the clean aesthetic of white plastic forms covering machined black metal robotic parts, a red graphic sits so well on the surface too, it feels very Japanese somehow and yet I struggle to find the reason why... It was my initial design direction for this new mech, that black and white scheme is my default robot setting, but as the design developed its interesting to see how well the forms of the mech lend themselves to certain colour schemes. Gloss white for example is of course very bright and contrasts nicely with say matte black anodised aluminium or un-glossed carbon fibre, but as soon as your start to add bare metal next to the white, you loose the forms. I like to contrast colour and texture, you'll see this allot in motorcycle finishes, matte against gloss, dark against light, so with this in mind I decided to keep the brightness of the bare machined metalwork and darken the smooth plastic forms, shiny bright metal against a dark matte plastic, I think this is the right direction to take it - for the moment at least..... I also Googled Photoshop LCD texture and found a great tutorial to recreate that "digitised" noise which I'm loving! More to come!


  1. With a big project like that, having a thorough plan is a must, to ensure that all the components will work as they should. You also need materials of good quality, so things won't break down unexpectedly. And speaking of materials, the matte black anodised aluminium sounds like a good addition to your project. Not only will this add a certain appeal to it, but it is also a good protection from corrosion, which is very helpful to make it last longer.

    Bernice Parsons @ Badger Anodising

    1. Hi Bernice, just found your comment, thanks for the cool input - and coming from a man who knows about anodising too. Cheers